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On this site you will find several information about bookings, our artists and their news, sponsors, our concept and history.

Our artists are not just normal artists. We choose on purpose only the best and most passionate ones for the best cooperations with our partners. The artists have all a great passion for what they’re doing which you especially see and feel on the stages, in TV or other events. We’ve also selected by personality. Not only skills are important as an artist, also having a good heart, being spontaneous, adapting to any situation. What happens if the energy shuts down, guitar doesn’ t work anymore or it starts raining cats and dogs? Our artists have always a solution for everything and react within seconds. This characteristic shouldn’t be taken for granted. For bookings scroll down to the contact formular and send us a text or contact us via phone number or e-mail.

„Our artists and partners know that they are always at the first place. Their trust is our fundament, their wishes our task and their goals our motivation.“

Pedro van den Elzen


Who we are

ELPEMA is an experienced and successful Artist Management based in Germany and the Netherlands. Reliable,  respectable and competent - with a big network.  Since almost 10 years our guideline has been trust and sustainibility. This refers not only to the artist but also to every partner we work with. For us it isn‘t determing what now is but always what will stay.

We choose our artists by speciality, skills and personality. All of our artists are very passionate and very skilled entertainers which is most important for our partners. Every single artist has it‘s speciality/skill in which he is very dominant.


Why choose us?

We’re Trustful
Our cooperations are fully based on trust. Our partners know always that we do 100% for our mission.
We’re Punctual
We are always on time...or even before on time.
We have Magic
We don‘t offer normal artists. Every of our artists have its own speciality and are highly skilled in their profession.
We love People
We love making new partners who sometimes even turn into friends. Our network is big, so we can provide you the best cooperations.

Our Artists

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Houtwal 18, 5422CR Gemert, Noord Brabant, the Netherlands

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Meet Our Management Team

This team will help you with your concern with all their heart, experience and knowledge!

Pedro van den Elzen


Mariska van den Elzen


Meet Our Media Team

This team will bring you brilliant results in all kind of media such as music, film, photo etc.

Laura van den Elzen

Mark Hoffmann

Jaro Peijnenborg

Latest News

Flug zu den Sternen Realease

Flug zu den Sternen Realease


Die brandneue Single „Flug zu den Sternen“ von Laura van den Elzen&Mark Hoffmann ist ab jetzt bei allen bekannten Downloadportalen…
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The opinions of our partners about us are most important to us! Here you will see a few honest reviews!

Alex Rainer (GER)

„ELPEMA is a special management. I already have a long-term cooperation with them and every time they surpass themselves! The artists, especially Laura & Mark, really deliver 150% and impress every audience, young and old people. If I can trust someone blindly, then them. The management, but also the artists have developed enormously within the time that I know them and it goes up to the top. I am very excited and will continue to book with you. Thank you for your trust and cooperation, for the years to come!“

Philipp Engelhart (GER)

„I have gained a lot of experience with different managements and bookings. Two years ago, I‘ve started working with ELPEMA and must say, I‘m more than happy. I organize Country-Festivals, mostly indoor and I’ve realized that sometimes the technic goes wrong due to external causes. One time, the energy suddenly shut down and during the fixing of the problem, Laura&Mark asked to turn on the flashlights on the mobile phones and started singing a capella the song „Hallelujah“. To sphere gave so much goosebumps that the entire audience started singing along with them. Since that point, I knew this management and their artists are not like the others.“

Leon van den Bergen (NL)

„YES! I‘ve booked Amber van den Elzen with this management and I am totally impressed. She is so young and innocent but already so talented. This management claimed to be different in offering special artists and so did it happen! As a booker with alot, alot of experience, I‘d say: „ Don‘t hesitate, just book with them!“ Next week I am going to take a look on Laura&Mark.“