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Here you will read some honest reviews about us

Alex Rainer (GER)

„ELPEMA is a special management. I already have a long-term cooperation with them and every time they surpass themselves! The artists, especially Laura & Mark, really deliver 150% and impress every audience, young and old people. If I can trust someone blindly, then them. The management, but also the artists have developed enormously within the time that I know them and it goes up to the top. I am very excited and will continue to book with you. Thank you for your trust and cooperation, for the years to come!“

Philipp Engelhart (GER)

„I have gained a lot of experience with different managements and bookings. Two years ago, I‘ve started working with ELPEMA and must say, I‘m more than happy. I organize Country-Festivals, mostly indoor and I’ve realized that sometimes the technic goes wrong due to external causes. One time, the energy suddenly shut down and during the fixing of the problem, Laura&Mark asked to turn on the flashlights on the mobile phones and started singing a capella the song „Hallelujah“. To sphere gave so much goosebumps that the entire audience started singing along with them. Since that point, I knew this management and their artists are not like the others.“

Leon van den Bergen (NL)

„YES! I‘ve booked Amber van den Elzen with this management and I am totally impressed. She is so young and innocent but already so talented. This management claimed to be different in offering special artists and so did it happen! As a booker with alot, alot of experience, I‘d say: „ Don‘t hesitate, just book with them!“ Next week I am going to take a look on Laura&Mark.“